We're excited to announce that Valor Studios' own Adam Makos, author of A Higher Call, has created two exclusive tours launching in 2019 & 2020!

The 2019 "A Higher Call" tour will explore the exploits of the crew of the B-17 "Ye Olde Pub," before heading to Germany to retrace the wartime life of ace, Franz Stigler.

The 2020 "Spearhead" tour will follow in the tank tracks of the fabled 3rd Armored Div. and its most famous gunner, Clarence Smoyer, the hero of Adam's new book!

Your guides to these breathtaking locations will be Adam and his sister, Erica, who will serve as tour manager.

To deliver an intimate, behind-the-scenes-style tour, only 20 spots are available for each excursion, and we're opening them up for reservations now (no obligation)!

To learn how you can join us, click the link below, and you'll be taken to Adam's website for the exciting details!