Battle Ground Pacific

Chuck Tatum
Battle-Ground Pacific
A Marine Rifleman's
Combat Odyssey in K/3/5
By Sterling Mace

Sterling Mace's unit was the legendary “K-3-5” (for Company K, 3rd Battalion, 5th Regiment of the 1st Marine Division - shown in The Pacific) and his story takes readers through some of the most intense action of the Pacific War.

Battleground Pacific is filled with indelible moments that begin with his childhood growing up in Queens, New York. But this is ultimately a combat tale.

From fighting through the fiery hell that was Peleliu to the deadly battleground of Okinawa, Mace traces his path from the fear of combat to understanding that killing another human comes just as easily as staying alive.

Each first-edition hardback book contains a mounted bookplate designed exclusively for Valor Studios, hand autographed by Marine & author Sterling Mace!

Each book is accompanied by a COA and ships bubble-wrapped and boxed.

Sterling Mace served alongside Eugene Sledge in K-Company
(K-3-5), depicted in
The Pacific mini-series!