The Band of Brothers
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Night of Nights
by Gil Cohen
Print #4 in our series depicting the Band of Brothers
June 6, 1944, above occupied France . . . With steely eyes, the Band of Brothers paratroopers of the 101st Airborne lunge toward their rendezvous with destiny. Many carry a letter from Gen. Eisenhower that they keep tucked under helmets, in jump boots, and in bulging jacket pockets, close to heart. It read: “Soldiers, Sailors, and Airmen of the Allied Expeditionary Force! You are about to embark upon the Great Crusade, toward which we have striven these many months. The eyes of the world are upon you.” At the door of each C-47, with chaos a step away, the troopers knew: “Tonight is the Night of Nights.”
giclees are sold unframed & unstretched


44 canvas giclees are available, each signed by
Band of Brothers veterans
who fought on D-Day!

These giclees constitute the "Giclee Edition" that was first
announced in 2007 during the official launch and appears on the COA.

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850 prints autographed by two E-Company veterans!

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550 prints autographed by at least 10 D-Day veterans.
Comes with a bonus B&W "The Liberators" print!

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250 prints autographed by at least 15 D-Day veterans.

Includes an actual piece of a C-47 (now under restoration) that flew on D-Day, Market Garden, Bastogne re-supply, and the Berlin Airlift. Perfect to frame with your print!

Includes replica jump wings to frame with your print!

Comes with a bonus B&W print!
(unsigned, shown at right)

size and appearance
may vary slightly

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125 prints autographed by at least 16 D-Day paratroopers
& pilots,
includes the rare signature of Dick Winters.

Also includes an actual piece of a C-47 (now under restoration) that flew on D-Day, Market Garden, Bastogne re-supply, and the Berlin Airlift. Perfect to frame with your print!

Replica jump wings to frame with your print!

Comes with a bonus B&W print!
(unsigned, shown at right)

size and appearance
may vary slightly
A signer proof edition exists for print signers and project helpers.
Joe Lesniewski - Easy Company
Clancy Lyall - Easy Company
Don Malarkey - Easy Company
Earl McClung - Easy Company
Shifty Powers - Easy Company
Rod Strohl - Easy Company
Buck Taylor - Easy Company
Ed Tipper - Easy Company
Dick Winters - Easy Company (Publisher Proofs only)
Jack Agnew - Member of the famed "Filthy 13"
Tom Bellitto - C-47 crew, 87th Troop Carrier Sq.
Bud Berry - C-47 pilot, 91st Troop Carrier Sq.
Ed Bernat - Easy Company
Buck Compton - Easy Company
Bradford Freeman - Easy Company
Wild Bill Guarnere - Easy Company
Forrest Guth - Easy Company
Ed Joint - Easy Company
Gil Cohen has had a long career as an artist, illustrator, teacher and historical painter.

Cohen, having studied under renowned illustrator and author, Henry C. Pitz and World War II combat artist, Albert Gold, graduated the Philadelphia Museun School of Art ( now the University of the Arts ) in 1953. Years later, Gil returned there to teach figure drawing, anatomy and illustration from 1966 to 1986, eventually chairing the Continuing Studies Illustration Program.

Prior to beginning his art career, Gil spent two years in the army. During that time, he was stationed outside of Frankfurt, West Germany as an artist with the 513th Military Intelligence Group, US Army Europe, during the height of the Cold War.

Cohen’s primary career has been that of a freelance illustrator and painter of historical subjects. Clients during this 50 year plus span of time have included: The U.S. Information Agency, The National Park Service, Paramount Pictures, Bantam books, Harlequin Books, Random House, Holt Rinehart & Winston, Warner-Lambert, The U.S. Coast Guard, The National Guard Bureau, and Boeing & Sikorsky Aircraft Companies.

Gil Cohen’s passionate interest in aviation started as a youngster during the Second World War. Gil became quite proficient at identifying the many types of aircraft that flew over the Philadelphia area where he was born and raised. Many years later he was able to blend three of his deep interests ( painting, history and aviation ) and would go on to produce his stunning series of paintings depicting scenes of Eighth Air Force activities during World War II. Gil’s emphasis in this series was not only to depict a

A Gil Cohen self portrait

specific moment in history, as well as actual aircraft, but most importantly, the human element; i.e., human task at hand, emotions being experienced and energy released.

The original oil paintings of the series based upon the Eighth U.S. Army Air Force during World War II are in private collections around the world. Limited Edition reproductions of this series are marketed worldwide; some of which are sold out and are only available on the secondary market.

A one-man show of Gil Cohen’s Aviation paintings, including the well known Eighth Air Force series, was exhibited at the Mighty Eighth Air Force Heritage Museum in Savannah, Georgia from December, 1988 through May, 1999.

Cohen, Artist Fellow, former Vice-President and former Exhibition Committee Chair of the American Society of Aviation Artists ( ASAA ), is currently filling the Ren Wicks Founder’s Chair of ASAA. Cohen is a four time winner of “The Award of Distinction” of ASAA juried exhibitions as well as the ASAA Service Award in 2007. He is also the recipient of the British Guild of Aviation Artists “Best of Show” by an American artist and the “Best of the Best” award sponsored by Aviation Week & Space Technology Magazine. Cohen has conducted artist’s workshops on the topic, “The Human Figure in Pictorial Composition” for ASAA.

Gil Cohen’s paintings have been exhibited at the New York Society of Illustrators, The National Parks Civil War battlefield sites of Appomattox Court House, Gettysburg, Mannasas, Chickamauga, and Petersburg, The Kosciuszko Museum and The Art Alliance in Philadelphia, The Kennedy Center in Washington,D.C., The Colorado Springs Fine Art Center, The Royal Air Force Museum in London, The U.S. Air Force Museum in Dayton, as well as the Mighty Eighth Air Force Heritage Museum.

For several years Cohen served on the Board of Directors of the New York based Society of Illustrators chairing the Government Services Program which oversaw the Air Force Art Program. In that role he had sent many artists around the world to depict the mission of the U.S. Air Force. His own travels with the Air Force have taken him to such places as war-torn Bosnia, Somalia, Central Asia and Israel. Paintings generated from these trips are donated to the U.S. Air Force Art Program.

In July 2005, a reception of Cohen’s aviation prints was held at the Duxford Flying Legends Air Show in England. Guests signing Cohen’s prints included 22 WW II veterans of the Royal Air Force. Another Duxford reception was held the following year featuring RAF Pathfinder veterans and former members of the famous Eagle Squadron.

Valor Studios wishes to thank the following individuals for their assistance:
Mark Bando, Robert E. James, Mike & Bernard Makos, Rich Riley, Tom Thomas and Steve Wallace

Gil Cohen wishes to thank the following individuals for their assistance:
American Airpower Museum, David Berry, Jack Lefferts, Jake Powers and Mike Glick & the 101st Airborne Division, 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, Easy co. reenactors.