The veterans of Easy Company, the Band of Brothers, with the Valor Studios staff.
ince 1999, Valor Studios Inc. has forged a reputation as publisher of the world’s most prestigious military artwork and the

leading history magazine, Valor.

Based just outside Denver, Colorado, Valor Studios’ mission is to honor veterans by telling their stories on canvas and in print.

Valor Studios artwork proudly decorates homes, galleries, and military bases worldwide. It is found in the collections of two US Presidents, Prince Charles, and among the pages of the company's own magazine, Valor, now on its 15th edition. Published since 1999, the magazine chronicles veterans' stories from WWII to present.

Left: The Band of Brothers veterans with Bryan, Adam, Erica, and Bob Makos, during Valor Studios' Military Appreciation visit to Fort Campbell, KY.

Both the magazine and art enterprise have humble origins. Brothers and company founders Adam and Bryan Makos grew up enjoying their grandfathers’ stories of WWII. This inspired them to start a newsletter that became a magazine, one that needed fine art to illustrate the stories. The rest was history.

Adam and Bryan soon brought their boyhood friend, Joe Gohrs, then

Above: Bryan and Adam in the Oval Office with Pres. George W. Bush. Above Right: Bryan and Adam with Pres. George H.W. Bush at his office in Texas. Above Left: Adam, Don Malarkey, and Brad Freeman explain Matt Hall's "Brothers in Arms" to Prince Charles in London.

their father, Bob, and their sisters, Erica and Elizabeth into the quickly growing business. Today, Valor Studios Inc. is a symbol of American small business success and an enterprise that has taken its staff on a wild, adventurous ride.

The staff’s work has earned praise from Presidents (like Pres. Bush 41 and 43), entertainment icons (like actor Ben Stein, Tom Hanks, and author Stephen Ambrose), museums (like the Smithsonian), organizations (like the American Legion), and from veterans across the eras.

Valor Studios supports America’s military by doing more than just telling their stories. Valor Studios has donated

Above Left: Don Malarkey during a Valor Studios tour to the Pacific. Middle: Bryan and the Band of Brothers over Baghdad. Above Right: The Band of Brothers visiting a wounded warrior during a Valor Studios trip.
Adam and Bryan Makos with Band of Brothers veterans Shifty Powers, and Earl McClung.

over $50,000 to the United Way in the name of Dick Winters and the Band of Brothers, various financial donations to veterans organization and ailing veterans, magazines to veterans' hospitals, and artwork to fundraisers that benefit wounded soldiers and families of the deceased.

Valor Studios also co-hosts tours, with the U.S.O. organization, that have brought the famous Band of Brothers WWII veterans to visit the troops in Kuwait, Germany, Japan, Korea (and an attempted visit to Iraq, where their plane couldn‘t land due to a week-long sandstorm!).

To research the history they seek to preserve, Adam and Bryan have flown fighter jets, WWII bombers, traveled to far away battlefields and even a modern one. Adam was an embedded writer with the 101st Airborne and with an element of Army Special Forces in 2008.

The Valor Studios staff hopes that for generations to come, their artwork and magazines will convey the same awe and reverence for America's heroes that the staff experiences every day they’re on the job.

Above Left: Earl McClung & Shifty Powers give Erica a M1 shooting lesson. Above Right: Adam while on patrol in Iraq. Above: Filming Earl McClung for our Return to the Eagle's Nest DVD, on location in Berchtesgaden, Germany.

Valor Studios’ friend and supporter of many years, James Brady, was a Marine platoon leader during the Korean War, respected news reporter, and NY Times bestselling author.

In September 2008 he brought the work of Valor Studios to the national spotlight in his weekly Forbes column which you can read here